About Us

The sport of horseracing was founded in Hungary by Count Istvan Szechenyi nearly two hundred years ago. During this time, lengendary horses such as the Epsom Derby winner, Kincsem, the best Hungarian horse of the twentieth century, Imperial, and the current superstar, Overdose, have made Hungarian horse breeding and racing famous. The Teliver Company plays a significant part in continuing this rich tradition.

In recent years, Teliver has become the largest and most successful English thoroughbred stables and stud farm in Hungary. There are nearly a hundred horses in the stud farm and over fifty being trained for successful racing careers at Kincsem Park and throughout the region's racecourses.

The English thoroughbred is destined to race: speed is paramount. From the outset, colts are prepared for competition with careful attention to both their diet and their training regime. These colts are not only genetically bred for speed but are given the best early training possible in order to become calm and responsive and achieve their potential.

Our aims at Teliver are unambiguous: to produce winning horses and to demonstrate the strength and values of our stable.

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