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The season of 2019 is starting!

Dear Gallop fans

At last, the long winter season has ended and the racing season is coming again. I don't know about you, but we are very much looking forward to it!
During the 2019 season, we will keep the good habit of giving a chance to runners who do not want or cannot buy a horse.
Anyone can lease a horse from us, who wants a taste of Gallop! The lease conditions are the same, we only ask for a percentage of the winning prizes. In addition to the racing prizes, runners earn extra revenue when running horses bred in Hungary, as a 20% runner bonus due with the prizes.
Within our well-established framework, this year 45 of our horses are waiting for the start at various other stables. Those who follow the races are familiar with the names of Nyelvtörő, Narrátor, Dynamo, Almarózsa, but many newcomers are also waiting to be introduced, such as Valyriai Acél (means Valyrian Steel), who is bound by its name to win! If you are wondering which of our horses are running at other stables this year, click on "Rented Horses" on our website!
In addition to our leased horses, our own stable is racing many horses, and this year we are working with several trainers again.
From the training of Sándor Kovács, the horses were transferred to Szilvia Kovács-Bakos, because Sándor is back in the saddle this season. We wish him the best of luck, and we hope he will have many victories :). There will be no changes for our horses, the venue and the training methods remain, as Szilvi has been working with her partner for years.
Let's see which horses are racing from the Kovács’ training:

Our colts (2015):
Csalán (Out Loud- Cherish)
Mirtusz (Out Loud- Mirtuszlány)
Sámánkő (Satin Stone - Samirza)
Sarkantyú (Out Loud - Sarkcsillag)
Selyemkő (Satin Stone- Selyemfény)

Our derby horses (2016):
Amorózó (Palo Verde- April's Music) colt
Császármorzsa (Satin Stone - Crimson) colt
Fifikás (Rendezvous - Finálé) filly
Supreme (Satin Stone . Spinnig Crystal ) filly
Szamba (Rendezvous . Szamóca) colt
and the newbies (2017), with only one colt: Septon 
Chili Flower (Rendezvous-Cherish)
Eszterlánc (Out Loud- Estemona)
Hurrikán (Out Loud- High Rainbow)
Quint (Makaam - Queen's Night)
Septon (Makaam - Serpa)
Szamovár (Makaam- Szamóca)

Mirr Murr (2017) (Makaam - Mirtuszlány) will be racing from the training of Csaba Zala this year.

Best luck - Let's do this!


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