Our stud takes pride in having multiple exceptional breeding stallions.
Satin Stone has a world famous pedigree and has proven in breeding for many years now.
The offsprings of The Bogberry with world-class pedigree and of Out Loud have raced in 2015 the first time and with outstanding results.
The foals of Atheneum with Irish origins (Noverre being the sire) have ridden on the tracks for many years with great success.
The results of Sandokan racing abroad and Cristály racing in Hungary substantiate the qualities of Out Loud.
Qltúra has proven to be the best foal of The Bogberry, and the results of Celeburdi prove the merits of Rendezvous.


Year of birth: 2004
Color/sex: pm
Father: Noverre
Mother: Anno Luce
Sire reference

Category Five
Year of birth: 2009
Father: Hurricane Run
Mother: Feather

Esti csillag
Year of birth: 2010
Color/sex: stpm
Father: Satin Stone
Mother: Estemona

Year of birth: 2006
Father: Giants Causeway
Mother: Elaflaak

Out Loud
Year of birth: 2003
Color/sex: stpm
Father: Dansili
Mother: Seven Sing
Sire reference

Year of birth: 2011
Color/sex: pm
Father: Satin Stone
Mother: Reem Al Fallah

Steady as a Rock
Year of birth: 2004
Father: Rock of Gibraltar
Mother: Metisse


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