The stud boasts a number of great stallions.

In the past covering seasons, alongside Satin Stone, the home-bred, Kincsem Prize winner and "Horse of the Year" Star Fury and Sarpedon sired by Samum, Brahy who was purchase abroad and sired by Rahy, as well as Palo Verde with a great origin, were given a chance.
There are also the offsprings of Rendezvous, who are also of great origins, such as Dynamo, and the Irish-born Atheneum, sired by Noverre, have also introduced themselves on the race track.

This season Out Loud's offspring will play an important role again, the name of Nyelvtörő or Narrátor is no longer unknown, but it is also worth paying attention to Éji csók. Out Loud is recommended by Sandokan competing abroad and by Cristály, who raced at home.
Many are waiting for the introduction of Makaam's foals, and the lessees have taken them out of our stud soonest. It will be worthwhile to pay attention to all of them, Valíriai Acél and Finally, along with Sprinter recommended on paper.

The first foals of Esti Csillag will toe the line this year, the name of Hideghegy and Sámántánc will hopefully be heard many times, and the origins of Irgumburgum are also promising.

The foals of Röptűz are due to be born in 2019, only Éjkirálynő and Szuvenír were born so far.

The offspring of Steady as a Rock will only be on track next year, but their development is promising, alongside Estepona and Shoester, Narrock appears to be the best.

As we have reported it as special news, our studs have grown for this season. October has already proven himself in Poland, we hope that he will deliver to our expectation too.


Year of birth: 2004
Color/sex: pm
Father: Noverre
Mother: Anno Luce
Sire reference

Esti csillag
Year of birth: 2010
Color/sex: stpm
Father: Satin Stone
Mother: Estemona

Year of birth: 2006
Father: Giants Causeway
Mother: Elaflaak

Year of birth: 2008
Father: Kingmambo
Mother: Quarter Moon

Out Loud
Year of birth: 2003
Color/sex: stpm
Father: Dansili
Mother: Seven Sing
Sire reference

Rolex Boy
Year of birth: 2015
Color/sex: mén
Father: Rendezvous
Mother: Royal Lujain

Year of birth: 2011
Color/sex: pm
Father: Satin Stone
Mother: Reem Al Fallah

Steady as a Rock
Year of birth: 2004
Father: Rock of Gibraltar
Mother: Metisse


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